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Hi! We’re Stevie and Carly, and we have a confession to make: we’re obsessed with luxury candles. Have been our entire lives. The problem, though, is that despite how much money we’d spend, they never quite did the trick. You know what we mean: they all felt exactly the same. That’s because they were missing a few key ingredients...


100% Those Witches was born during the 2020 COVID quarantine when we got the chance to hit the pause button on our whirlwind LA lives, and take stock of what really matters to us: friendship, giving back and creativity. With time on our hands, a shared love of all things magical, and our spirit animal Lizzo guiding us from the sound system, we took our candle obsession to the next level and started making our own. Within days we’d made over 100 bewitchingly delicious smelling, crystal-laden candles. We knew that this was so much more than a quarantine craft for us: it was a passion. A creative outlet. And a way we could give back.

You see, we’re good witches; socially-conscious, empathetic and entrepreneurial. We want to share our candles with the world, and give back at the same time. We are proud to say that each month, a portion of our proceeds is donated to a charity of our choosing. All of our candles are carefully hand-poured in Los Angeles, California with soy wax, high quality fragrances and dyes and moon-charged crystals. Our hope is that with love, aromatherapy and a little magic we can help make the world a better place…

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